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Solidaridad con El Tamarindo

An English language post on this subject will be available soon. La comunidad campesina de El Tamarindo, en la periferia de Barranquilla, enfrenta la amenaza de desalojo despiadado e ilegal por las autoridades locales en el día de mañana, lunes … Continue reading

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Praying with Venezuela

“We call on our fellow citizens to avoid sinking into an absurd fratricidal confrontation that benefits no one.” Central Presbytery (of the Presbyterian Church of Venezuela) issued these stark words this week in a letter to their compatriots. Venezuela has … Continue reading

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Heeding God’s Call

It was the first time I ever enjoyed being honked at. A city bus, work vans, a postal truck, family sedans, clunkers, and finally a school bus sounded their horns as I stood in racket-raising vigil with a dozen retirees … Continue reading

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Just 4 weeks away!

It’s hard to believe, but one month from today I’ll be traveling to the U.S. for interpretation assignment! I’ve got lots of great visits and events planned, and the schedule that seemed impossible to fill has been fleshing out quite … Continue reading

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Election season

Unless you live in a quiet haven free of media (in which case you probably can’t read this!) you are undoubtedly aware of the upcoming U.S. election. You may not know, however, that one month from today our brothers and … Continue reading

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Attack on youth in Perú

It’s still so shocking. Youth and young adults from Perú and the United States joined together to paint a mural about cooperation and care for creation last week. Their energy and commitment were met with violent aggression by over 200 people from … Continue reading

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A more excellent way

One of the hardest things about living outside my home country is the sense of disconnection in times of national tragedy. When something as alarming and devastating as Saturday’s shooting occurs, we all struggle to make sense of it and … Continue reading

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