Holy conspiracy

Have you ever felt that the Holy Spirit conspired against you, or turned all your expectations on their heads? One of those moments set me on the course of mission service in South America eleven years ago. Much more recently, my friend Gloria had such an experience, too.

Since I arrived in Colombia last month, while making preparations to move into my own apartment, I’ve been staying with this gracious host. She spent the past two weeks in Busan, Korea, representing the Presbyterian Church of Colombia at the assembly of the World Council of Churches. When she set out, her name wasn’t in consideration, but things quickly changed. With the support of her denomination and a clamor from women of other churches in the region, the Rev. Gloria Ulloa Alvarado was elected WCC President for Latin America and the Caribbean!

The evening after her return to Barranquilla, we had a long talk. She told me about the surprising unfolding of events leading to her election, and we marveled together at the ways the Holy Spirit evades our control and foils our plans. I pray that the Spirit will continue to guide Gloria and bless her service to the global church, and lead us all in paths of peace, justice, renewal, and love.

You can read a bit more about Gloria and her hopes for the church here.

Gloria and Sarah, May 2007

Gloria and Sarah, May 2007


About Sarah

I serve with Presbyterian World Mission as liaison to the Andean region. This blog is a place to share stories, experiences, and observations, both my own and those of friends and colleagues and the occasional item of news.
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One Response to Holy conspiracy

  1. ARETA CROWELL says:

    Having “met” Gloria on our SKYPE meeting from San Fernando Presbytery – it was amazing to see her name in a news report on the WCC meeting!! You and she will be great mutual supporters!

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