Sunday in La Paz

It’s Sunday morning in La Paz, a time for family and recreation. Snow sparkles on the distant mountains, a reminder of precipitation on bitterly cold nights during the week. Now, the sun shines down warm and brilliant, banishing thoughts of the chill that will settle over the city when evening comes.

Familiar sounds waft in through my window–the loud, nasal call of the newspaper seller, whose nearly indecipherable announcement of the editions he carries can be heard from several blocks away; the tinny amplification of digital carillon bells from the Catholic church down the hill; dogs bark, birds sing, and the family of musicians across the street is preparing for another party with loud folk music on the radio.

Down on the Prado, the street has been blocked off for pedestrian use, as it is each week during the dry season. A variety of artisans and vendors have set up shop to sell their wares to passersby. Today there are special displays about environmental issues, including one from Red UMAVIDA. Argentine hippies juggle and sell jewelry.  Musicians perform in varied styles. Families stroll along the boulevard, stopping on a bench to enjoy ice cream or watch their youngest members drive toy cars in circles while others skip rope or play with blocks. Cholita women show off their Sunday best. Pampered pups in fleece jackets sniff their greetings. This is the one time each week when most people are in no hurry, and life can be savored in slow motion.


About Sarah

I serve with Presbyterian World Mission as liaison to the Andean region. This blog is a place to share stories, experiences, and observations, both my own and those of friends and colleagues and the occasional item of news.
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4 Responses to Sunday in La Paz

  1. Areta Crowell says:

    Beautiful! Loved the pictures. Seems odd to be reporting COLD when it is June-hot here!
    Have been wondering: Did you get a new apartment – ot lose a room mate? or is your apt still in the neighborhood we visited in March?

    • Sarah says:

      Hi, Areta, yes, this is the winter season here! We are good and jealous of the warm weather up north. I’m still in my same apartment, my friend and former roommate has moved to a different place in the same neighborhood.

  2. Thanks for this, Sarah — brings back our memories of a Saturday in March, waking to a bad street band parading below our hotel window, visiting the market area, where everything is sold from groceries to hardware, fabric goods, jewellery, clothes (I bought a table runner in a stylized llama pattern, now gracing my living room in Ottawa), lunch at El Molino, a visit to the Valley of the Moon (Bryce Canyon in mud?) and an evening walk with you to fine cuisIne française (!) at La Comedie. Thanks for your company. (Check my website for photos.) Russ

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